Treasure and Close-up – the assignment for day 16 of the Photo101 course offered by the WordPress Blogging University.

Thanks for helping me grow!

This was one of our fun-projects during last summer showing our treasure.

Basically, my wife drew an oversized picture on the parking lot outside of our apartment using charcoal and made my daughter lie down on the ground. All I had to do was to take a picture from above and voila! No photoshop involved at all here, just pure imagination and hard work and lots and lots of fun 😉

But because it didn’t quite fit the assignment, I’ve added two more pictures of our treasures (our kids 😉 ) with close-up shots below:

Truly fantastic
Yes, I am truly fantastic !!


Bathtub fun
Enjoying life in the bathtub …

As usual, enjoy and feel free to share, comment, suggest …

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  1. What a darling idea! I’m going to share it with my adult kids; I think they may want to get a photo like this. Maybe for our family reunion, we could have the drawing and let each child in the family lay down for the photo. Did you and your wife come up with this idea? How creative!
    Also, I am amazed at the way your blog is set up! What an interesting theme, which one is it? I love how you have the static picture with the information template that slides up, managed by the slide bar. I also like how it’s so easy to leave a comment with each post. This is a combination of a very unique, interesting presentation but also one that is very user friendly. Love it!

    1. Thanks, Maggie – we didn’t come up with the original idea but adapted it from a picture we found on Pinterest 🙂
      I’ve seen some pictures with multiple kids/people in one frame – and I can assure you, if you were to do that at your reunion you’d 1) have a blast for sure and 2) a beautiful picture to share with extended family and friends!!

      The theme is a beta version of ILYAN, which is a premium theme I’m working on since months now. I’m passionate about two things – photography and programming – so the combination of both resulted in a user-friendly, photocentric theme for WordPress. It’s not ready for public release just yet but I’m working hard on getting it ready for the public in the coming weeks.
      Unless you object, I’d love to use your comment on my theme presentation site once I set it up (kind of as a testimonial).

      Again, thank you so much for your very kind comment!

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