Edges and Alignment – the assignment for day 18 of the Photo101 course offered by the WordPress Blogging University.

Golkonda Fort – Hyderabad, India

Today’s assignment was to take a picture of something with edges and if at all possible also combine edges with rounded shapes.

This photograph from my archives proved to be worthy of being highlighted here as it has raw edges around the man-made fort which at the same time utilizes rounded shapes (massive rocks) made by nature to create a symbiosis second to nothing.

The picture was taken in Hyderabad, India – it’s an ancient fort which is a tourist and local’s attraction and major weekend-time-killer spot around (there isn’t much more one can do in Hyderabad).

I was amazed by the clouds above the fort at that day and tried to capture the dramatic feeling with this photograph.

As usual, I hope you enjoy and feel free to share, suggest, comment …

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  1. Wow! Most of your pictures make me speechless. They are masterpieces that show me how much I would like to learn and at the same time tell me how little time I have to do it 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Emilia!
      This is probably the best comment I ever received – nobody had ever called my pictures a masterpiece 🙂 – you made my day!!
      I’m a father of two kids with an 8-hour corporate job who does photography (and programming!) for a hobby, but believe me this much: you can learn anything if you just start it and enjoy the journey, the rest will follow 😉

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