Happy Birthday my one and only love, my sunshine and my guiding star in heaven!!

My beloved wife will have her birthday tomorrow, April 12th.
To surprise her, I have written the short poem below, which I have also incorporated into a picture.

As a sign of appreciation and love, I’m publicly sharing this poem to show the world and all who care just how much I love her. I will present her this site tomorrow, if you fancy you’re welcome to leave a short note or birthday wish in the comments section below 🙂

Birthday 2015
Happy Birthday my Love

Today is the day where we can finally say Thank You,
From the bottom of our heart for everything you do!
You give us your time, your energy and lots of love,
To us you’re even more precious than a white dove!

Thank you for allowing us to grow in a peaceful place,
Thank you for teaching us to live in harmony and grace!
Thank you for providing us with food and a warm smile,
Thank you for being a loving mother & wife all the while!

We may not show you our appreciation on a daily basis,
At times even as seldom as the appearance of an oasis!
But our hearts are spilling over with amazing gratitude,
Which you may observe in our behavior and attitude!

We could not wish for a better mother and wife but you,
We pray to God that he may grant all of us a long life too!
So that we can enjoy the company of each other for long,
Knowing that to the last minute to you we will always belong!

Take these humble words and safeguard them in your heart,
For they came from the bottom of ours and it wasn’t hard!
Expressions of love and gratitude gushed forth voluntarily,
Without the slightest of efforts they appeared momentarily!

We hope that you will have a wonderful and memorable day,
And accept our small gifts of gratitude which can never repay,
All your efforts and love you gave throughout this last year,
But this is our way to show that for you we’ll always be here!

Happy Birthday Mom, Happy Birthday my beloved wife,
May God bless you with health, love, and a very long life!
Remember you have at least us who love you unconditionally,
And we will without a doubt remain indebted to you eternally!

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  1. nachdem ich nicht so ein IT-Profi bin – hab ich erst jetzt gecheckt, dass ich meine (unsere) Glückwünsche auch hier deponierten könnte. Jetzt mach ich’s halt nochmal.
    Alles Liebe und Gute – bleib gesund und fröhlich, nimm das Leben wie es kommt und sei dankbar für alles was du erreicht hast und für die Menschen, die du für dein Leben gewonnen hast. Dann kann eigentlich kaum etwas schief gehen! Nachdem ich nicht in der Nähe bin, erlaube ich mir trotzdem auf Dich anzustoßen! Wünschen dir alle einen sonnigen Tag – genieße deine Family, sie ist das wichtigste und wertvollste was man vor allem auch nicht mit Geld kaufen kann. Irgendwann mal wieder – auf einen guten Schmaus? Conny und Co.

  2. Happy Birthday! We are so happy you are in our lives and quite obviously from this birthday dedication, we are thrilled that Selim met you and shares his life with you. You make a lot of people feel loved and are loved by many! Have a wonderful year full of success, exploring new things, lots of fun and joy!

  3. This is such a thoughtful and lovely gesture. A very happy birthday to you Sonia! May you continue to be blessed always.

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