Glass and Squared – the assignment for day 17 of the Photo101 course offered by the WordPress Blogging University.

Hello Beautiful!

As you can clearly see, this picture was taken by my wife (so I guess I stole it 😉 ).

The story behind this shot is quite amusing as it wasn’t really meant to turn out this way. My wife and I – both of us are passionate about photography – were quite a bit into High Dynamic Range photography a while ago. So we played around trying to take pictures of every-day items from an unusual angle/perspective.
So we took it on us to make an unusual photo of a sunset which was supposed to be taken through the side mirror of a car – or so the story goes. But while trying to manoeuvre the car in the right position so that the setting sun would be visible through the mirror my wife started goofing around and taking pictures of “nonsense”.

Well, the funny part of this story is that we ditched all the sunset pictures because they didn’t turn out the way we wanted them to – HOWEVER – the “nonsense” pictures turned out to be so unusual and interesting that we decided to keep them for good 🙂

As you can tell from the story, the above picture isn’t recent, but nevertheless it kind of fits into the theme of taking pictures with/through/behind glasses or mirrors.

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