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Constantine, Algeria
Constantine, Algeria – the city of bridges

Constantine in Algeria is one of the most beautiful cities in the northern part of Africa. It is actually a very old city with a long-standing history, but what makes it particularly interesting is the fact that it was built on the top of a canyon with steep cliffs.

A number of small and big bridges allow the people to traverse from one side to the other – and without them, most of the people would be cut off from the world, literally!

Some additional pictures to give you a flavour of what it’s like 🙂 :

Constantine Bridges
Crossing the bridge …
Constantine Bridges
Rollin’ high up in the sky …
Constantine Bridges
Small bridge over the canyon …
Constantine Bridges
Crossing the bridges …
Constantine Bridges
Bridges in Constantine
Constantine Bridges
City split apart …












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  1. What an amazing photograph of these two cities (the same I guess) separated by this huge canyon. I never knew it looked like this. I love learning about different places from real people who have taken real photos. The bridges are incredible. At first, when you mentioned them, I thought it would be scary crossing over them but when I saw the photo and how sturdy they are, I suppose there is no fear in that walk. You’ve captured the colors and every little detail of this location beautifully. I shared it in an email with my son, who lived in South Africa for two years, on a mission. He loved it there and has wanted to go back. He and his wife are planning a trip this summer somewhere far away. I’m not sure how safe travel is still in Africa. This looks like something he’d enjoy. I like the small patches of blue in the window coverings on the left and the large patch of blue in the sky. The different shades of brown and grey and the greens. Just a very interesting balance of color and texture.

    1. Thank you so much for your detailed comment, Maggie!
      The bridges are very sturdy – particularly keeping in mind how long ago they were built!!
      Of all the northern African countries, Algeria is probably one of the safer options, but having said that it certainly isn’t a tourist’s hotspot (maybe more like a hidden gem).

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