Childhood Fantasies 2- Books

This is the second in a series of Childhood Fantasy images that try to highlight and revive the “old fashioned” way of activating and cultivating imagination and fantasy in children, rather than giving them instant gratification from apps and video games (the first one was on toys).

Today’s post is about the virtue of books. Have you ever read a book first and then watched the movie version of the book? If yes, then you were most likely disappointed by the characters, the setting, the special effects, etc.

Why? Simply because our imagination, if we allow it to bloom, is so much better than Hollywood or any other movie factory could ever be.

When children (same is true for grown-ups, by the way) read a book, they actually see what they’re reading. No need for images in the book, their fantasy provides them all the necessary imagery they need. They enter a world of fantasy, which holds them captive until they close the book.

My daughter, in the photograph above, just loves reading books. She’s so emerged, she could spend the entire day reading. We’re proud of her but also proud of ourselves to have managed to cultivate a desire for books in her and hope we’ll be able to achieve the same for our son.

What do you prefer – reading a book or watching the movie version? Let me know in the comments section below.

Watch this space for further stories on childhood fantasies and matching photographs of our kids experiencing their very own “virtual reality”.

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