This is the first image in a new series where I will dive into the world of children, their imagination, their fantasies and what they actually see when playing with “mere” wooden toys or other non-electronic items.

In today’s world of instant gratification from HD games on the console or via apps on the phone, it is becoming a rare sight to see children playing by merely using their imagination. Today’s generation of app-addicted kids is less interested in toys where they have to “imagine” stuff, it’s just too hard – compared to the immediate satisfaction they get from video games.

In this picture, my son is playing with his wooden train-set. From the expression on his face (well, at least the visible parts – but his mouth says it all) it is obvious that he’s fully emerged in his activity. He probably doesn’t see a wooden train set anymore but is seeing a full-fledged virtual reality world.

I’ll post more in this series over the next months, so stay tuned for more childhood fantasy images and feel free to share the articles with friends and family.

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